70+ Awesome Kitchen Style Ideas

Want to get your kitchen in Food Network shape? While you probably won’t need any professional equipment, we think designing a kitchen that is fun, efficient, and serves as a gathering space for family and friends is a total necessity.

To give you inspiration to cook up your own cuisine, we rounded up gorgeous designs that will hopefully inspire your space. Go ahead and get a taste. There are plenty of problems a kitchen island could solve.

It can easily add some style to your kitchen or provide additional storage, extra seating area or help to separate your cooking area. Nowadays, more than 50% of people think it’s must-have. Even small kitchens could benefit a lot if you install a smart kitchen island there.

Before ordering or building an island you need to decide few things. First of all, you need to choose its style. Would this style much or would it in contrast with your kitchen’s design.
For example, you can add a rustic looking kitchen island to a modern kitchen and it would become its focal point. Alternatively, you can simply use the same cabinets and the same countertop for a more similar look.

Next, you need to decide what your kitchen need and how you can enhance it.
Maybe you need additional storage space or may be extra dining area is required. The island would occupy lots of floor space so you need to be careful when choosing its functionality.

Besides, you need to make sure it would fit in your kitchen. Usually, it’s placed in the center of an enclosed kitchen and there should be about 35-50 inches between the island and other cabinets and tables.

Although sometimes you can place a dining table near one of its sides to save some space. In our gallery, you’ll see a lot of awesome ideas for different situations. Besides, you’ll also find several interesting DIY kitchen islands that might inspire you to build your own by yourself.

You’ll find that the most popular kitchen islands types are:

1. With a seating area.
2. With built-in appliances.
3. With aditional storage cabinets or open shelves.
4. Rolling kitchen islands that you can move when necessary.
5. Those that features an unique design. That could be islands made of pallets, of old windows, and even those that have aquariums inside them.
For even more unique designs we have another interesting roundup.

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